2013 Vernon Winter Carnival in the beautiful Okanagan

Published 19 January 13 07:43 AM | Maureen Ruscheinsky 
As we make our way through the longer, cooler winter days, Vernon has a great way to staive off the winter blues.  From February 1st to the 10th we celebrate the Vernon Winter Carnival.  10 days of family events, evening dances and shows, sports events and much more.  It begins with the crowning of Queen Silver Star and a large hot air balloon glow on the 1st, then the Winter Carnival Parade takes place on Feb. 2nd in the downtown area.  The theme this year is prehistoric, so be prepared to see lots of cavemen and dinasaurs!   Tickets for all the events are available at the Winter Carnival Office.  Don't miss being a part of this great community event here in the Okanagan Valley!

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